ACTIVE MUSIC PICK ‘N’ MIX – 500 activites without the plans!

Singing game with xylophones

Singing game with xylophones

AVAILABLE IN APRIL 2015 – 500 +activities for Key Stages 1 and 2


ACTIVE MUSIC PICK ‘N’ MIX ! All the fun without the lesson plans!

Since we have been selling Active Music Lesson Plans we have realised that by focusing on lesson plans we may be taking the opportunity away from music teachers who want heaps of ideas but don’t want the actual lesson plans.

ACTIVE MUSIC PICK ‘N’ MIX is for all Primary Music Teachers who don’t need lesson plans but never want to be short of whole class music lesson ideas EVER AGAIN!

It is important to note that these are the currently successful and highly acclaimed current activities that are already an intrinsic part of the current Active Music lesson plans.  They are not 500 new activities but are delivered in a new form for those who want them in a Pick ‘N’ Mix form.

We provide you with over 500 Kodaly-based activities both in notated form on CDROMS and as DVD tracks. These activities all work in whole class and small groups and teach your children all the basic musical skills of pulse, rhythm, pitch, composition and improvisation in easy-to-follow games and activities.

The activities are divided into sections that help to build musical skills up progressively – eg:  Rhythm and Pulse/ Pitch/Singing Games/ Instrumental Activities

Although the above aspects are the TITLES of the series of activities, more often than not, within ALL THE ACTIVITIES the children are learning about pulse, rhythm and pitch, at a subconscious if not conscious level!

ACTIVE MUSIC PICK ‘N’ MIX IS AVAILABLE IN APRIL – and the price will be £149 for ALL THE 500 ACTIVITIES!!!!3335292

ORDER IN ADVANCE!!!  Anyone who chooses to buy Active Music Pick ‘n’ Mix between now and the beginning of April can buy the whole set for £99 only!


If you just want Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2, the RRP will be £75 but the ADVANCE offers for these will be £65 only!

Should you buy Active Music Pick ‘n’ Mix but later wish you had bought the lesson plans, these will available for purchase to ADD to your collection of games.

Studio shoot for the Interactive Music Club taken on 28/06/09For more information or to pre-order, please contact Sally on 07963 341405 or email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!



2 thoughts on “ACTIVE MUSIC PICK ‘N’ MIX – 500 activites without the plans!

  1. Hi i love your work! I would love to buy the active music pack for key stage 1. I am only volunteering at my daughters school so i don’t have the funds to buy the whole programme.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful website!

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