Product Prices


ACTIVE MUSIC – 168 tried and tested, easy to follow lesson plans and over 500 DVD clips of children demonstrating the singing games and musical activities –

Rhythm and Pulse for Key Stage 1 – £30

Pitch for Key Stage 1 – £30

Singing Games for Key Stage 1 – £30

Instrumental Activities for Key Stage 1 – £30

Rhythm and Pulse for Key Stage 2 – £40

Pitch for Key Stage 2 – £40

Singing Games for Key Stage 2 – £40

Instrumental activities for Key Stage 2 – £40

THE WHOLE SET COSTS £280 but our

SPECIAL OFFER PRICE for the summer term is only £220.

NOT SURE?  Have A FREE 2-WEEK TRIAL – see the whole scheme for 2 whole weeks and trial it in your school.   If you try now and like it, you will not have to do any music planning for the whole of the summer holidays!!

Why do others think you should try it?

‘It’s an answer to our prayers – it meets the requirements and it’s fun. The plans are detailed and I find them easy to follow – the children have always been enthusiastic with music since we started your scheme.’

G Hogan – Yr 2 teacher – St Richard’s CAtholic Primary School, Chichester

‘Clear, concise, easy to read and follow. Fun music that really involves the children’




1 thought on “Product Prices

  1. Music leader- Fantastic easy music lessons to support all the staff. The children are all engaged and focussed. They love these lessons.

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