‘Brilliantly useful!’

Friday 13th June, BRIGHTON & HOVE MUSIC & ARTS

‘It’s mindblowing how many games there are to use in the classroom’

Come along for:

  • Increased confidence in music teaching
  • Increased knowledge of the NEW 2014 Music National Curriculum
  • How to teach music skills progressively
  • 100 + activities – songs, singing games and practical musical activities to teach immediately in the classroom
  • Tips on how to work towards outstanding music lessons
  • A refreshed love for music teaching

Receive a FREE downloadable book and DVD of your choice – worth up to £34.99

We have an ever-expanding repertoire of over 500 singing games and musical activities – but don’t worry, we don’t teach them to you all at once! We teach:

Singing game with xylophones

Singing game with xylophones

circle games,   name games

rhythm games,  pitch games

puppet games, instrumental games

Turn-taking games and many, many more!

We then USE the games to teach musical skills including notation and composition


‘Brilliantly useful – it’s mindblowing how many games there are to use in the classroom’ – ‘very engaging and practical’ – very enjoyable music course – great subject knowledge and pace – thank you’ – ‘excellent pack of resources and ideas’ – it has inreased my bank of songs, rhymes, games etc and improved my confidence’ – I like the many ways of using one song to develop musical skills’ – ‘I now have an overview of developing musical skills stage by stage’ – a practical approach to learning just as the children do’……

Course run by Sally Wagter, an experienced music specialist of 15 years, music trainer of 10 years and creator of Primary Music Resource books and the Active Music Primary Music Teaching Scheme. Sally has a B/Ed (Hons) and a Professional Practice Certificate in the Kodaly Concept of Music Education accredited by Roehampton University.

Call Sally on 07963 431405 if you would like to attend or to ask questions about the course.

For LASTING RESULTS IN YOUR CLASSROOM MUSIC, please join us on this fantastic one-day course.  Cost £99.00 per teacher.  FREE DOWNLOADABLE BOOK AND DVD. Call Sally or visit our contact page and send us an email.


Brighton & Hove Music & Arts Centre.

There is free parking at the centre and it is only a 5 minute walk from the nearest station…


10am to 4pm


6 thoughts on “COURSES

  1. Hi
    I did a voices foundation course in London 2012/ 2013 . I loved it and it really changed my teaching methods .
    I live in Bahrain for the last 20 years and teach Infant music and dance.
    I found your website today !!! And loved it !!!!!!
    Have incorporated your ideas into my lesson plans …
    Next question… Are you doing any more courses in the next academic year ? I’m very interested !!!!
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Sally,
    My colleague and I came to one of your day courses in North London a few years ago and I can truthfully say it was the most enjoyable, useful (and exhausting, in a good way) course we’d ever done. I still use the singing games all the time and have particular favourites – Round de doo bop being one!
    Now I have a daughter-in-law who is learning to be a specialist early years music teacher in south London. I would dearly love her to be able to attend one of your practical courses. She’d love it. Can you tell me when and where you’re likely to be doing another one this year?
    Jan Keen

    • Hi Jan,

      I am planning to run a weekend course in London on 16th and 17th May for Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 music. It will be loaded with games and activities – all very practical and fun! As soon as the date and venue is confirmed, I will email you. I’m so glad you enjoyed my course when you came and that you still use the games – fun! Take care, Sally….

  3. Hi Sally,
    I am very interested in your course, it looks amazing. Are you planning to run any courses in London in the near future?

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