Run your own Music Clubs and Workshops – Julie’s story

Start your own Music Business

Using all our singing games and musical activities, we train people to run their own music businesses for primary children – running after school music clubs, music workshops in schools, private music classes, Saturday and holiday workshops etc.  This is a testimonial from Julie Decarroux, who trained with us.  She loved her work and was very successful.

Since Julie trained with us, we now have an easy-to-learn-from-home training package. Please visit for more information.

After school music clubs

“I trained with Sally Wagter in 2007 and was so impressed by how well organised her course was.  Not only were we given lots of material and a fantastic method to teach, but we were also equipped with the practical business skills to start up in schools, such as knowing what would be required from us in terms of CRB and insurance, and plenty of leaflets and DVDs to get in touch with the headteachers and parents. It was just so helpful to have all this promotional material, as it meant that i could start applying to schools straight away.

I immediately got some work in 3 primary schools as an afterschool music club leader, and stayed there for 3 years until I moved to another city, earning about £70 profit per weekly club (15 children per club paying £5.50 each, minus £13.50 hall hire), so about £210 per week. After 2 years of running these clubs I was contacted by the local Music Service. They were very impressed with the method I’d learn form Sally (Active Music)which was completely in line with the National curriculum and most importantly delivered in a fun and interactive way thanks to all our singing and musical games.

They hired me to teach the KS1 curriculum for them which I enjoyed a lot. Since moving to Bristol I am planning to start my own independent music school still using singing and musical games as a foundation as well as the Kodaly method to teach rhythm and pitch, and incorporating percussion playing to teach primary children the foundations of music in a fun way.

I am so grateful to Sally for sharing her passion and precious method because it just works so well with children: they love it and I have so much fun teaching them!”


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