How do you help your non-specialist teachers to teach music?

What does your role as a Music Coordinator involve?

As a Music Coordinator you are asked to do many things. As well as writing/finding a music scheme of work, delivering quality music lessons and organising all the Nativities, concerts and services etc, you are also expected to enable all the teachers in your school to teach quality music to their classes.

How do you support your non-specialists in teaching music?

Obviously you can write or find music lessons and pass them on but how do you know your less confident teachers can deliver them so that a unified and progessive approach is taken to music throughout your school? Wouldn’t it be great if each teacher had their own private tutor?  Would that ease some of your responsibility?

Active Music is like a private music tutor to every teacher

Active Music has been written to take the role of a private tutor so that each individual teacher can follow what to do and see the games and activities that they will be teaching on their computer before the lesson. They can even use the tracks as teaching tools.

How does this help you? 

It means the teachers in your school won’t keep coming to you to ask how a song goes or to explain a game or activity.  It also means that there will be a unified approach throughout your school – each year group can focus on the same aspect of music throughout each half term, so that all will be singing ‘from the same hymn sheet’ as it were. It means that you will know that quality musical activities are being taught in your school and you are clear what each teacher is covering from the Music National Curriculum.  It also means that your teachers are gaining musical training, by first learning, then teaching the musical activities in small, easy-to-digest steps. Therefore you are fulfilling your role very sucessfully.

Spend less time but be successful as a Music Coordinator!

I have written Active Music with exactly you in mind!  My aim was to research hundreds of fantastic skill-based musical activities, place them in a clear order to ensure progression and then deliver them to you in a consice, easy-to-follow format. The DVDs were then created – over a period of a few years – to ensure that all the activities could be seen to bring security and certainty to teachers lacking confidence.This is an ideal way to help your non-specialist teachers teach music.

Don’t take my word for it – please see our TESTIMONIALS page.

Like to try Active Music? Please learn more by visiting ‘ABOUT ACTIVE MUSIC’ and then contact us for a FREE 2-WEEK TRIAL!!  You can also always phone for more information and to chat about your Music Coordinator role.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Sally Wagter…


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