Music Training Weekend London May 2015

Studio shoot for the Interactive Music Club taken on 28/06/09Hello everyone!  I am so excited to announce that I will be running a Primary Music weekend on 16th and 17th May at Plumcroft Primary School in London.  I have never run a course where we don’t end up falling about laughing at our attempts to clap complex ostinatos with one hand while tapping a rhythm with the other… we play games all day and learn so many new and exciting primary musical activities in-                                                                       between drinking tea and getting to know each other…

We will cover every single practical music-making element of the Music National Curriculum and you will be challenged in your own music-making as well as finding heaps of  new ideas to teach your children. I have only ever known teachers come away overflowing with ideas for their music teaching that can last them for years…

This weekend will be great for your career and really fun for you personally!

Please click HERE for the course details.

Can’t wait to meet you!

Call me on 07963 431405 to find out more or to book a place,





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