20 activities to do with one simple chant!

Isn’t it great that we never need to run out of ideas or resources when you can do at least 20 brilliant activities with just one simple chant?  (Obviously there are always more to do but 20 is plenty to start with!)

Take a simple chant – 4 lines, 4 beats in each line, using only the rhythms Ta and Te-te.

‘Bee, bee, bumble bee               (Ta, ta, te-te ta)

Stung a man upon his knee       (Te-te  te-te  te-te ta)

Stung a pig upon his snout         (Te-te  te-te-  te-te  ta)

I say you’re out!’                          (Ta, ta, ta, ta)

Then get started on your activities!

  1. Chant
  2. Chant and tap the pulse on knees
  3. Chant and clap the rhythm
  4. Think the words and clap the rhythm
  5. Say it to rhythm names (Ta and te-te)
  6. Half tap pulse on knees, half clap rhythm
  7. (swap)
  8. Play the Rhythm and Pulse game *
  9. Play the out loud/in your head game *
  10. Chant and tap the pulse on instruments
  11. Chant and tap the rhythm on instruments
  12. Half tap pulse on one timbre of instruments and half tap rhythm on another
  13. (swap)
  14. Create a rhythm composition on instruments *
  15. Chant and walk the pulse
  16. Chant and walk the rhythm
  17. Walk the pulse and clap the rhythm
  18. Walk the rhythm and clap the pulse
  19. Tap the pulse on one knee and the rhythm on the other
  20. Chant while clapping an ostinato! *
Music Curriculum levels

Music Curriculum levels

If you want any further explanations of the games that have stars by them (*) please visit http://www.activemusicdigital.co.uk , register for a FREE TRIAL and you can instantly download 40 lesson plans for free and watch the children doing all these activities for 10 days at your leisure! We would love to see you there!


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