Cup of tea?

Tea and a chat?

What could you do with an hour?  Have a cup of tea?  Chat to a colleague?  Catch up on other work? Spend quality time with your children at home? How long do you reckon it takes to write a whole music lesson from scratch?  An hour or so?  How long do you reckon it takes to sit down and work out an overview for medium and long term music lesson plans for your whole school?  Possibly 50 or 60 hours over a period of time? It’s on-going isn’t it.

How would you feel if that time was given back to you?  You could choose how to spend it.  In fact, forget the tea, you could go on a holiday!  Also, isn’t half the time of planning spent thinking about it? Coming up with ideas, resources, repertoire, ideas?  Working out how it all fits in? Making sure the music skills the children are learning are progressive? Making sure the activities used are fun and engaging for all the children in your class?

I know you wouldn’t compromise on quality and want to be the best music teacher there is – who wouldn’t?  But don’t you also think that life is about more than work?

Would you spend £1 to claim one hour of your working life back?  That’s all a music lesson plans costs… and would you spend 10p on a video clip to make sure that you understood the activity and were getting it right immediately, without having to read all the instructions?  That’s all it costs….

Think about it….Why not FIND OUT MORE? Why not have a FREE 2-WEEK TRIAL?


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