Active Music

Welcome to Active Music.  We are a company brimming with primary music activities for you. One of our products is a series includes 168 tried and tested lesson plans for Key Stages 1 & 2 and over 500 DVD clips of children demonstrating the singing games and musical activities. Designed to develop children’s inner musicality, this scheme effortlessly brings the fun of music back to the classroom.

  • 168 photocopiable lesson plans
  • DVD clips demonstrating over 90% of the activities to be taught
  • Musical notation provided for all songs within the lessons
  • Extension ideas and activities included
  • Differentiation within the lessons as children become more experienced
  • Totally skill-based lesson plans
  • Plans to cover 2 terms of teaching time for each year group
  • Learn in easy-to-follow steps alongside the children


Why not ask for a FREE 2-WEEK TRIAL?  We are willing to send you the FULL SET of Active Music to look at and try out – That’s 8 CDROM/DVD box sets.  We will even pay the postage, so you can see it easily and without any inconvenience.  All we ask is that you look after the packs and should you not require them that you can help us out with the return postage.  WOW!

To view the content and find more info on each of the 8 box sets, click HERE

To view some sample Key Stage 1 video clips, click HERE

To view some sample Key Stage 2 video clips, click HERE

Thinking of where to go next with your music in school?  Wanting fresh ideas? Thinking of purchasing a new music scheme?

Why would you choose ACTIVE MUSIC?

We provide well-sequenced tried and tested lesson plans with clear progression in musical skills within each year group and between the year groups.  For TOTAL CERTAINTY as to whether you are teaching as the lesson plans suggest you can view over 90% of ALL the games and musical activities within the lesson plans.  Should you lack confidence in actually delivering the lesson, the DVDs can help you.  By showing them on the interactive whiteboard, your children can see how the games go and what is expected of them. Some classes sing and play the games along with the DVDs.

ACTIVE MUSIC is very easy-to-follow and as a teacher, you can learn alongside the children.  It is TOTALLY SKILL-BASED, so the focus is on rhythm, pulse, singing in tune, using instruments and creating compositions etc, rather than linking music to topics such as Victorians or insects, for instance.  That is because we believe music is a valid and vital subject in itself, benefitting the children in thinking, sequencing and coordination skills among many, many others.

ACTIVE MUSIC contains so many ideas perfect for primary children and having more tried and tested ideas to develop children’s musicianship skills can only be a good thing, can’t it? Imagine having over 500 ideas to add to your repertoire, to keep forever and use throughout your career?

Don’t take our word for it – see what other teachers say?

‘The lessons are fantastic – I love them. I’ve been teaching straight from the plans and adapting as I go. They’ve given me lots of repertoire and have helped my confidence. The children love it – it’s the best music teaching I’ve ever done.’

Louise Tinker, South Bersted Primary School, Bognor Regis

‘Teachers who are not even specialists are saying to me ‘We can do this!‘ It’s simple, usable, effective and the children love it. It’s absolutely genuinely true. This is just what we need and we know where to go next because it’s in front of us – thank you so much…’

Rachel Kendal – Dept Head, Thomas-A-Becket First School, Worthing

Why not give ACTIVE MUSIC a try in your school? To register for the two-week free trial in January please email Sally at office@primarymusicspecialist.com.


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