MUSIC REPORTS! Done in one lesson!


It’s report time and I bet you are not too excited about it!

Active Music

Active Music

TRY THIS IS ONE LESSON:  You need class lists with tick-boxes.

RHYTHM – tap a 4-beat rhythm to the child for them to tap back. Repeat with 8 beats. Results give the sentences:


‘Sarah is able to  repeat a 4-beat rhythm pattern accurately’

‘Sarah is able to repeat an 8-beat pattern accurately’   or…

‘Sarah is learning to listen to and repeat 4-beat patterns.’

  • PITCH – sing a 2/3/4/5 note phrase and ask the children to sing it back to you. If too hard, sing a phrase with less notes and try again. Some may sing back on totally different notes but PRAISE THEM ANYWAY and note that they are in need of more pitch-matching games. Results give the sentences:

‘Ahmed has good pitch-matching skills’

‘Ahmed is working on his pitch-matching skills’

  • MUSICAL TASKS COVERED – Write a couple of sentences about what the whole class have been involved in muscially (repeat this bit for each report) – then about this particular child’s involvement in extra-curricular musical activities. Add any personal information you have.
  • CONFIDENCE – From the pitch exercise you will also note their confidence to sing in public. Ask each child whether they LIKE music and what aspects they like. This makes a good end sentence to all music reports.


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