primarymusicspecialist.comJust to reassure you, ACTIVE MUSIC is totally in alignment with the 2014 Music National Curriculum as it stands.  The content will not change, but we will be bringing out new discs with updated links to the new National curriculum and some extension lesson plans for Key Stage 2 on teaching the stave (as it is a new aspect stipulated).  If you decide to buy Active Music at this point (from November 10th 2013) we will email you when the New Curriculum comes into play and will SEND YOU THE NEW DISCS and EXTENDED LESSON PLANS FOR FREE!

You can BUY and USE ACTIVE MUSIC now and continue using it when the 2014 New National Curriculum comes into play.  The music skills are the same and isn’t it better to get started now on developing your children’s musical skills than to wait for a change in paperwork? Your children will thank you!


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