4140757Recently I was sent this letter from the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION and I think it is all very positive…this is what it says:

Ministers are committed to giving schools more freedom over the National Curriculum. The New National Curriculum will be developed in line with the Government’s stated principles of freedom, responsibility and fairness – to raise standards for all children.

Ministers are determined to slim down the National Curriculum so that it properly reflects the body of essential knowledge which children should learn. Individual schools should have greater freedom to develop approaches to learning and study which helps us to catch up with high-performing nations.

The New National Curriculum will set out only the essential knowledge that children should acquire, and leave teachers to decide how to teach this most effectively and to design a wider school curriculum that best meets the needs of their pupils.

The National Curriculum will continue to be a requirement for maintained schools, but will also retain its importance as a national benchmark of excellence for all schools, providing parents with an understanding of what their child should be expected to know at every stage in their school career.

There is a lot of talk on freedom and teachers being allowed to decide . I also like the element of not overloading the curriculum with unnecessary protocol.  I think this is good news!!



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