Studio shoot for the Interactive Music Club taken on 28/06/09No lesson plans, but ALL the 500 plus activities available as notations and on DVD with explanations and curriculum links.

WOW!  This will be available in April 2014.

This is a NEW RESOURCE for all music teachers who like writing their own plans and organising their own music schemes to fit in with their individual school, but who need heaps and heaps of new ideas!

This resource will still come in the format of Rhythm and Pulse, Pitch, Singing Games and Instrumental Activities for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 but will be more easily accessible to dip in and out of…

Imagine you are in a sweet shop and you can choose all the Pick ‘n’ Mix you like!   That’s the feeling Active Music Pick ‘n’ mix should bring to all music teachers.

The RRP will be £149 but all orders taken before March 2015 will be able to access this new amazing resource for just £99.  Wow!  It will then be sent to them in April 2015 so they can get started!

If you have any questions or may are interested in this up-coming resource, please contact me, Sally, on 07963 431405 or email me at office@primarymusicspecialist.com.





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