Music Course Review – 28th June ’13 Brighton

Music Course June 28th '13 Brighton

Music Course June 28th ’13 Brighton

A fantastic day – we covered starter songs/games, rhythm and pulse games and activities, lots of ways to teach the difference between pulse and rhythm, how to teach pitch using pentatonic solfa (see picture), how to use chime bars in the classroom, and 15+ things to do with just one chant or song, including the use of instruments.  It was a full-on, practical and great fun day…

What did the participants think?

‘If you can only go on one course, go on this one! Lots of brilliant ideas, good for noth specialist and non-specialist’ – Linda Cole, Director of Music, Pennthorpe School, Rudgwick

‘This course covers lots of the curriculum areas and provides you with plenty of ideas on how to improve the teaching of music – it helps you build confidence and makes music teaching fun – it takes away the stress!’ – Julie Howliston – teaching student, University of Brighton

‘This course has helped me enormously as a non-specialist music teacher.  Full of ideas to engage children and make music learning fun. Also very helpful for breaking down and extending skills – a marvellous day – well worth attending. Thanks, I really enjoyed the day’ – Sue Harris, Balcombe Primary School

‘Excellent for refreshing your ideas and giving you new ways of thinking about music – thank you – I feel excited about my new job’ – Rebecca Kerney Haynes – Southwater Junior Academy

‘Lots of inspirational ideas – clear structure – I feel much more confident in approaching music now – looking forward to trying new things on my final school placement – really enjoyed the day – very glad I came!’ Oliver Caddy -final year student – University of Brighton

‘Excellent course – completely relevant material that can be directly transported to the classroom – thoroughly enjoyed the day – could very easily be held over 2,3,4 days!  I will definitely put all the resources to use!’

‘Lots of ideas to use and build on in lessons.  Introduction to solfa and notation to enable composing and using pitched instruments, giving me an idea of what can be achieved in the classroom and the confidence to be able to teach it – thank you for your knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm – a really enjoyable day and full of great ideas’ – Mandy Powell, student, University of Brighton

‘This course provides you with lots of new ideas and information and will increase your confidence. It’s a lovely safe atmosphere where you can practise and ask any questions. Thank you for a lovely day – I can’t wait to teach children all these new chants, songs and games’ – Katie Wyke, student, University of Brighton

‘This course covers the practical skills – actually doing the activities. There is lots of subject knowledge, right down to the first steps of rhythm, pulse and pitch, solfa was well explained’ – Sophie Plachcinski and Rhiannan Vaughan – Whytemead First School

‘Really good ideas to use in class every day, for every teacher!  Good suggestions for children of all ages and abilities. Thank you for a really lovely, helpful day!  Helen Jones, Discovery Primary School

‘Great practical skills, fantastic resources, fun and engaging!’ Elise Brogan, Seddlescombe Primary School

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