An amazing Active Music testimonial

cropped-publication10.jpgIt’s always great to receive testimonials and this one came from Yvonne White, a music specialist teacher who also works in Special Education. Yvonne attended a course before purchasing and using Active Music…
‘Regarding active music, there are so many things I like about it.
Firstly, I think this scheme is what music education is all about. The fact that you deliver training to support the scheme is really great  as it helps to make things more concrete. It encourages you to buy the resource, it brings it alive  and highlights how much more accessible all the material is. When reading the material, many things we covered at the training come flooding back, so you access the scheme quicker and with greater understanding, which is a great time saver, as you are already mentally tuned in.
The DVD’s are a great asset as these immediately show you how to put things into practice and are great for CPD. This is how I would like to use the resource with different staff that I work with. It will give them confidence and give them a reference point when I am not there to support them.  I have learnt new repertoire and new ideas that I will (and have already) put into practice.
There is a lot of information, but it has clear explanations and teaches you the key skills and shows clear steps of progression that make sense to the specialist and non specialist alike. This therefore gives confidence to more reluctant teachers.’
More testimonials to come… Don’t forget to trial Active Music for FREE, please contact Sally on 07963 431405…



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