Music skills for primary children – complex or simple?

1846671Sometimes I think teachers who don’t have musical training see music teaching as being as complicated as THIS! Does teaching music have to be this complicated??? NO!!!! You can go right back to the very beginning with music as you can with letters and numbers!

It can be easy, colourful, fun, interactive, straight-forward and progressive in positive little steps! Even though I have a music degree, my favourite part of music is making skills EASY and fun for children and teachers, Think THIS!



You can almost feel the learning taking place when looking at this picture! Here, rhythms are broken down into the simplest of components – Ta for a crotchet, Te-te for 2 quavers and a ‘Z’ for a rest (each worth one beat – it’s like very basic maths)  The children already know the chant – ‘Mice, mice, eating all the rice, nibble nibble nibble nibble, nice, nice, nice!’ They are looking at how it is notated and are playing a game with it – one is playing on the Ta’s, one is playing on the Te-te’s and one is playing on the rest. They are learning pulse, rhythm, keeping in time, starting and finishing at the same time and also about different timbres.They are continuously working things out and thinking things through. For you, once you grasp just these 3 elements of rhythm, there are heaps of games and activities the children can play with them, including composing and improvising!

Still feel overwhelmed?  That’s why I created VIDEOS of all the activities involved and all the processes the children need to know, so you can learn the activities alongside them. Everything has been done to help you and your staff to be able to understand and enjoy loads of games and musical activities with your primary children – EASILY!!! Honestly!

AND…. through these activities you will be covering all the practical music-making elements of the music National Curriculum!

If you already know all these aspects of teaching music you may feel like this is an element patronising. However, if you are a music specialist in a school it will be your job to teach and inspire all your staff. By allowing us to explain music in this way to your staff and for them to all have personal access to our 600 videos and lesson plans, we can really help you to share the skills of music teaching, easily, to everyone.

2981798Feel free to go in and have a really good look at what’s been made for you.  We WANT to make your music teaching as easy as possible and for you to find lots of games and ideas. You can download 40 lesson plans for free and will have access to all the 600 video clips for 10 days. Nothing to lose! My gift to you! Enjoy!

To access the free trial please go to and click on ‘start free trial’.


Let’s take singing games on to the playground!

After school music clubs

After school music clubs

There is nothing better than taking a group of children outside to play singing games in the sun! The fresh air, the sun on your face, happy laughing children – you can’t beat it!! A while back I played ‘Down by the banks of the Hanky Panky’ with 60 children out on the playground. We could have gone on for hours! I love teaching clapping games to groups of children and see them take ownership, teaching them to others during break times.

What are the benefits of such games? Amazing cooperation, co-ordination (both fine and gross motor skills), total inclusion, turn-taking, decision making and high levels of social interaction.

Have you ever felt that your class are just too hyper or excited or can’t calm down?  These games are a great way to channel that amazing energy and excitement. The children often find the games great fun and many find they want to continue in small groups when the lesson is over and they have spare time.  I used to play French skipping and clapping games all the time as a child with my sister in our back garden – and I loved the challenge of playing games that required more and more skill. Wouldn’t it be great to give our children more and more of these experiences at school and to take away with them? To motivate them with their own personal goals in remembering and playing games? Great childhood memories and great skill-development all in one!

12046970_10153947950819381_5184315692527065798_nI read somewhere that singing games for children are a kind of precursor to more teenage dances such as barn dances and I can see why. The children are interacting and socialising with each other constantly and positive social interaction can only be a good thing in a world where social media threatens to take over a large chunk of our personal interaction. I say let’s get back to singing games for our gorgeous primary children!!!

A great idea is to set your children the task to ask their parents if they can remember games from their own childhoods – and see if you can then teach these same games to the class.

With the sun coming out it’s a great time to take the children out on to the playground and have some fun! If you’d like to take a free trial of all our singing games you will be able to immediately find some that would work perfectly with your particular class –  while the sun is still shining!

The moment you have your totally free (no obligation) entry, you can start watching all the videos of the singing games and straight away show them to your children on the whiteboard. It is so easy to get the learning going this way!

manuscript padIf you would like to incorporate these games into lesson plans, they are there for you too!

Here’s to singing games, sunshine, ideas and great fun with our children!

To access the free trial please go to and click on ‘start free trial’.

Active Music Digital available for only £25 per month UPDATE

Studio shoot for the Interactive Music Club taken on 28/06/09


On Monday 7th September Active Music Digital went live. Over the past days we’ve had people signing up and currently as I write we have about 40 people in the middle of their free trial.

We have added a forum to the site for members to receive ongoing coaching/training, ask questions, share ideas, have general discussions about music teaching.

Where else can you get the following for only £14.95 per month?

  • 168 progressive, skill-based lesson plans (4 -11 year olds)
  • Over 600 videos of singing games & musical activities to accompany the plans
  • Over 200 notations and activity sheets
  • A forum to connect with other music teachers

Feel free to visit and start a free trial to see for yourself. During the free trial we have limited the number of downloads to 40.

If you have any questions about Active Music Digital please email

Active Music Digital is now live


Hello everyone,

After working hard over the summer we are very excited to announce that is now live.

168 lesson plans, 600+ video clips, 200+ notations, activity sheets and a 10 day free trial.

Please go and have a look at the ‘Ultimate Music Scheme For Practical Music-Teaching’.

If you have any questions about Active Music Digital please send an email to


We have worked very hard over the summer to put Active Music Digital together.

We are planning to launch Active Music Digital on 7th September.

Please watch the following video to learn more about Active Music Digital. If you want to be notified when we are going live so you can start your free trial, simply send an email to


ACTIVE MUSIC DESIGN FIVERRActive Music is very soon going to go DIGITAL!


It means that the DVDs do not have to be shared between teachers any more but EVERY TEACHER has immediate access to all the lesson plans, worksheets and DVDs AT HOME and at work – in their own time on their own computers and in their own classrooms.  Wow.

This will all be available for schools currently using Active Music for a yearly membership fee.


It means that free trials will be instant and purchasing will also be instant. It means that you can trial and buy Active Music wherever you are in the world and start using it straight away.


As part of the package, you have email access to the creator of Active Music whenever you need to ask questions…

Any new future updates, ideas, games, lesson plans, podcasts, videos and tutorials will be instantly accessed by all! Fun!

If you have any thoughts or comments about this, please share them – and if you would like to be kept up to date with this process please email me at or phone me on 07963 431405.

Here’s to some brilliant music teaching!


Fantastic testimonials from my weekend music course!

These are a few testimonials from my recent weekend course – 16th & 17th May in London

Music Curriculum levels

Music Curriculum levels

‘Sally delivers this course with professionalism, deep knowledge and passion. The course is packed with great ideas you can use in the classroom. I particularly appreciated Sally’s insights into progression through the new Music Curriculum.  Also, fabulous fun! A massive thank you!’

 Andrew Maud, Little Ealing Primary School

‘The course was fantastic – interactive and productive and included all the content necessary to begin music lessons within a school. Sally was great and extremely helpful over the weekend with any questions or concerns we had about music. I have a whole new and improved appreciation for teaching music’ Emily Morris, St Margaret Clitherow RC Primary School…

‘I have been a musician all my life but Sally has shown me how to appreciate my love of music all over again.  I have now got a fantastic bank of games, activities and plans to take back to my school to implement and share with other staff. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have learnt a                                                                    great deal. I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm back                                                              at school’

Paula Marsh, De Lucy Primary School,  Abbey Wood

1094386‘Practical and very friendly – enjoyable progression shown which will be so easy to use with children. Good terminology and good discussions on different aspects of teaching and organising music in the New Music Curriculum.’  Helen, Plumcroft Primary School

If you would like to join the next MUSIC TRAINING in LONDON, please send me an email  at and I will put you on the list so you will be notified as soon as the date and venue is planned.

Like some MUSIC TRAINING at your school?  I run whole day insets, half day insets or twilights…  Give me a ring to talk it through… (07963 431405) Sally…

A music teacher’s dream come true! Singing Games galore for the primary classroom! Try them for free!


 ACTIVE MUSIC FREE TRIAL!  Take a good look at Active Music in your classroom and try it out on your kids! Over 500 singing games which work brilliantly in the classroom with progressive lesson plans from Reception to Year 6! .Have all these packs sent to your school at no cost to you. Try out the games and look at the lesson plans and see if you think ACTIVE MUSIC with all it’s singing games and popular primary music activities would suit your school.

We offer free trials because nobody knows, until they see them, how brilliant they are!

This will save you hundreds of hours of preparation! Just think of the relaxing summer you could have, knowing your music plans are all ready!

ACTIVE MUSIC covers every practical music-making element of the Primary Music National Curriculum and is divided up into 8 DVD/CDROM sets as shown above.  Both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 have packs on the following musical topics:

Rhythm and Pulse:  Pitch:  Singing Games: Instrumental Activities

Studio shoot for the Interactive Music Club taken on 28/06/09This is a testimonial taken from an email I received yesterday: ‘At the beginning of the year I trialled various music schemes in my class (Jolly Music, Go for Bronze, Charanga, Active Music, etc.) and decided that yours would be the most suitable for my school, given that it provides video clips of activities to help non-specialists, and the lesson plans are extremely clear to follow’    Sam (Music                                                                   coordinator)

ONE SIMPLE STEP TO GET YOUR OWN FREE TRIAL! Email Sally at with your name and the address of your school, telling me that you would like a free trial and have read the conditions below. We will then send the free trial straight out to you! 

Want just Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2?  No problem – just let us know which you require!  (Key Stage 1 also includes Reception)

Conditions: We send the full Active Music set out to you and pay the postage.  If, after 2 weeks, you decide you’d like to keep it, do, and we will invoice your bursar.  If, however, you decide it’s not for you, all we ask is that you package it up carefully and pay the postage to return it. (£3).  It couldn’t be more simple!  Currently we can only offer free trials in the UK.  For other countries we require a  refundable deposit.

Studio shoot for the Interactive Music Club taken on 28/06/09Want to talk about it?  Give Sally a ring on 07963 431405 or email her at

We look forward to hearing from you!

The impact of Active Music on Rotherham Music Hub

Having trained staff and school music teachers at Rotherham Music Hub last October, I was delighted to receive this brilliant testimonial from Deborah Findley.

‘I have been delighted by the impact that the Active Music scheme is having in our primary schools in Rotherham..  I was looking for something that would give non-specialist teachers the confidence to teach music on a regular basis and these DVDs fit the bill perfectly! The lesson plans are clear and simple whilst still covering all aspects of National Curriculum Music and the videos enable teachers and children to learn the songs and games. Children learn vital skills and all learning really is ‘Active’.  The response from the teachers who have used Active Music has been so positive that I would be happy for this scheme to be rolled out to all of our schools’

Deborah Findley – Head of Service at Rotherham Schools’ Music Service

Studio shoot for the Interactive Music Club taken on 28/06/09To find out more about Active Music, click HERE

For Active Music Free Trials, click HERE

To purchase Active Music, click HERE

For details of our LONDON COURSE, click HERE

Please contact Sally Wagter B/Ed (Hons) on 07963 431405


We look forward to hearing from you!