Tony Chestnut! You have to see this game…and many more!

Tony Chestnut is an accumulative action game using the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So an La. The children sit on the floor, legs in front of them with knees slighly bent up. Actions are as follows….

1: Sing all through

2: Omit ‘toe’. Hum instead of singing ‘toe’ but still do all the actions.

3: Omit ‘toe’ and ‘knee’ etc.  This can be taken as far as required.

This singing game is also well-suited to instruments. The children can take a different instrument for each body part and play accordingly!  You should try it – it’s very funny!! You can find it in Active Music Instrumental activities for KS 2.

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Hello all you lovely music teachers out there!  Welcome to Active Music!

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If, however, you decide it’s not for you, all we ask is that you package it up carefully and pay the postage to return it (full set = £3, half set = £2)


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